My drawings

Art is where work meets love


It all happened one day in August two years ago. I was surfing the internet and I saw someone who had drawn a YouTuber. I loved the drawing and it made me want to try it too. I wanted to see what it would look like if I drew a portrait for once, because all I was drawing were flowers and 3D cubes in the margins of my school paperwork.

At that time, I drew the same YouTuber. I ended up making a ball of paper with it and throwing it away. 

It was a smiling picture; as a first portrait it was not looking great. After some time, I found motivation but drew someone else and I chose an easier one. After that drawing, I wanted to do increasingly more detailed and difficult pictures and even ones where the subjects were smiling.

It became a passion of mine. I drew day and night. When I had time, of course, lol. I drew a Swedish band, YouTubers, actors, singers, comedians and K-pop idols. Some drawings were the ones I liked and some were for my friends. I wanted to see them smiling.

As a self-taught artist, it’s never been very easy. Without an institution or an art professor to provide me with the proportions or tricks, I had to figure it out for myself. I looked through the hidden art books at home and scrolled through tutorials on YouTube. I did the best I possibly could.

I was craving new challenges. This is where shadows and light reflected on hair became more interesting. Those beautiful little details from the artist I was following on the web were motivating me to do better. I also realized that my drawings looked better when I loved the person; whether it was a band or just a solo artist. 

I really found differences between drawing someone I occasionally saw on TV and an idol who inspired me. I discovered what I liked and drew it using my own style.

If I can draw today, it’s all because I didn’t give up my first drawing. You can achieve what you want if you put your heart and effort into it.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart

The best
is yet
to come

When nothing
goes right go left

be happy